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A] How to go to sleep fast: 

1) Your  bed is for sleep  not for for entertainment:

                    Television,Laptop and other gadgets can interfere with your fast sleep.It is not better to sleep with your laptop and any other.Your mind needs to the habit of knowing you are in bed to sleep.You are there to sleep.Don’t stay in your bed when you are awake.

2)You must have regular sleep pattern

                  You are try to go to bed at the same time at every evening.This will help your body to work out a healthy sleep routine manner.

3)Best way to get  good sleep:

                         There are some tips and tricks to get healthy sleep.Whether they will help you get into bed more relaxed or get out of the bed more relaxed.These tricks and tips helped a lot to you.

                             First you set  alarm to go to bed. Regularly you got at a time of sleeping with help by put a alarm. Then all of you set alarm everyday in which time you are sleeping with regular time manner.

B] Tips to avoid  sleep disorders and get a good night’s sleep:

                              Sleep disorders caused by   phychiatric  and medical conditions ,   unhealthy sleep habits , specific substances .  Recently researchers have begun to think about sleep disorders. Sleep disorder also called as insomnia.Sleep disorder as a problem of your brain being unable stop awake.It is important to understand first what could be causing your sleep difficulties.So,we find that first all the difficult conditions that are listed below that can caused sleep disorders.      

Example medical conditions:

                *Sinus allergies

                * Gastric problems such as reflux



                *Low back pain in your body

                *Hyper Thyroid

                *Chromic pain

                           Medical conditions such as those taken for common blood pleasure ,heart decease ,thyroid ,asthma,cold,nasal allergies and depression can cause sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorder and Depression: 

                           Sleep disorder can caused by depression condition. Psychological struggles  can make it hard to sleep.Sleep problem represent as symptom of depression.Symptoms of the depression is such as
                       * Low Energy

                       *Loss of Interest

                       *Loss of Motivation

                       *Feelings of Sadness

           The good news is that all these are treatable regardless of which came first.

Sleep disorder and Anxiety:

               Most people have some trouble to sleeping because they feel nervous and worried.I will write some anxiety symptoms that can lead to sleep disorders.Anxiety is one of the human habit in their life.But it have some limit .When your anxiety peak level  then automatically some medical problems occurs.That problems are listed below.

                  *High Worrying about Future

                  *Always Think about Past Fault Events


                  *Feeling Deeply by Responsibilities



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