Quick Chicken Curry Recipe with Low Energy

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Rayalaseema chicken curry recipes:

 quick chicken curry recipe
                     Chicken curry recipe, let’s learn, how to make simple Rayalaseema style chicken curry recipe gravy with step by step procedure. I will provide detailed information about how to make Rayalaseema chicken curry in a simple way and it’s very tasty, spicy, less time to cook.

Rayalaseema chicken curry recipes are most popular for hot and spicy foods .Especially the foods made in Kadapa, Kurnool, and chittor . These regions are small towns India.
This Rayalaseema chicken curry recipe called as Kodi Kura that cooked with minimum ingredients. In this Rayalaseema region, they make this curry in festivals and almost every Sunday.
Chicken curry can make with tomatoes or lemon juice. But here doesn’t require any tomatoes or lemon juice. This chicken curry recipe is simple and quick.This curry recipe making as lunch food and dinner eating recipes in India.


Require ingredients:





Chicken                =                 1 Kg
Chilli powder       =                 2 table spoons
Onions                  =                 4
Green chilli          =                  2
Mint leaves          =                  1
Salt                      =                   as needed
Garam masala     =                   as needed
Ginger paste        =                  as needed

Recipe Making:

1] First take one medium size bowl wash chicken with water, mixed with ginger garlic paste, salt, turmeric and chili powder, set aside till we need it.

quick chicken curry recipe,chicken bowl
2] Required seeds powdered them first finely and add little amount of water and make a paste.Seeds powder is essential for the chicken curry recipe.

southindian masalas for quick curry recipes
3] Take required amount of oil in pan and heat deeply, add cloves, cumin, curry leaves in roasted finely.
4] Add green chilies, onions salt and fry them till onions turn golden brown. Yes, Andhra chicken curry recipe with onions is good for eating.

onion nutrition,benefits of onions
5] Add ginger garlic paste and fry till raw smell disappears, then you get some nice smell. 


ginger garlic,paste it.nice smell
6] If you want to add tomatoes add it now and fry them tomatoes till turn mushy.
7] Fry the chicken deeply for 2 to 3 minutes.
8] Finally chicken roasted finely and leaves, garam masala.
9] Then finally you got Rayalaseema chicken curry recipe with hot and spicy taste.
                        Thank you for follow and read my recipes. If you have any doubts about this articles, just ask me as comments.

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