5 Facinating Cold and Cough Remedies That’ll Make Your Life Supercharge

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                 People feel uncomfortable when they facing diseases like cold and cough.Due to these diseases, you face most embarrassing feelings.Diseases person have face these type of symptoms like joints pain, headache, high fever situations.

             are there any instant solutions for this?
              No! in the chemical medicines.
              It is possible to get instant relief by these effective home remedies.

Why Home remedies important for diseases like cold and cough?
              In history ancient people facing diseases but there are no chemical medicines like tablets, injections.Only they have natural ways to cure diseases by this home remedies.Then they live healthy for a long time. But in this modern days,  current people doesn’t use natural home remedies to reduce diseases.Natural remedies are work on diseases slowly and treat permanently.But chemical medicines are work on diseases fastly and treat temporary only.You must remember about this on your mind.The natural way to cure diseases is scientifically proven by our ancient people.

                Ancient people live healthy for a long time.This is possible by natural home remedies.
               Modern people live shortly and unhealthy manner.This is possible by chemical medicines.
               Here, I will tell you few most effective home remedies to cure a cold and cough instantly.These remedies are useful to get instant relief from cold and cough.These diseases produce some critical effects, that are given below.
·         Uncomfortable sleep with a cough.
A · headache.
·         Runny noise.
·         Cough.
·         Itchy eyes problem.
·         Throat soring and pain.
·         Body pains.
                        Here , we provide most effective home remedies for common cold and cough, instead of loading your body with chemical medicines.Why not try something natural way to cure these more frequent diseases like cold and cough.

1. Garlic:

                   Garlic is very common remedy in every homes in throughout the world and it is used from hundreds of years.It has also high rank in providing health benefits in all home remedies.Because garlic is a one of the best versatile ingredent. It provide lot of health benefits regardingly these common cold and cough.And slso garlic is a nutrition dense food.You just remember this before reading.

Garlic Health Benefits:

              Garlic ingredient gives lot of health benefits against cold and cough.These are most common frequently attacking diseases.
1. Garlic can help you to treat infections, metabolic disorders.
2.   Drink milk along with garlic mixture then you get relief from throat pain and soring , that can caused by common cold and cough.
3.   Crush the garlic and put in the clothe then place it near of ear, after few time later it reduce level of cold and cough.
4.  Garlic is fully packed with antioxidents and it is best for you to protect from common cold and cough.
5. You put the garlic under pillow, the then your get some healthy sleep on sleeping time.

2.Herbal Tea Protection:

              Hmm…  There  are some herbal teas that also help you from frequent diseases cold and cough.These teas are combination of different ingredients health healing powers. Herbal tea ingredients such as ginger, pepper, tulasi and cinnanom oh these are very hot and have nasty taste.But these services more helpful to your health.Oh ya it is true thank you for give this kind of remedies to cure very dirty diseases cold and cogh.Hey here i give you lot of information about herbal tea heath benefits.

How to use:


              Use 12 washed leaves of tulasi into 1 cup of pure water and boiling it.After few minutes later you get strain liquid and mixed with lemon juice(1 or 2 teaspoons of) .Because lemon juice contains C vitamin that can help you relief from cold and cough.Then drink it, herbal can improve your immunity against cold.


         You can also prepare the best solution at home for cold and cough by using neem and honey.First take 3 leaves of neem  with glass of water and boil it neem mixture.After that solution has coloured  add 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey and drink it slowly.It give relief from sore throat.

3. Ginger Tea:

              This is one of the best remedy for , who are suffer from cold and cough.The ginger is rich source of antioxidents , warming and little spicy. Ya it is spicy but it gives you an excellent health benefits.

How to Use:

        First take the crushed ginger  and glass of pure water, then mix together.Boiling the mixed liquid untill water gets half.After liquid gets colored then add 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.Then sip it slowly , it hepl you to get relief from sore throating and symtoms of common cold and cough.

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