Best healthy Fish Recipes! how to make fish curry Andhra Style quickly.

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 healthy fish recipes


Andhra Healthy Fish Recipes:        

The best healthy fish recipes with Andhra masalas.I want to tell you about how to prepare South Indian fish curry. It is very spicy, hot and makes it quick fish dish.This recipe is popular in easy fish dishes. Healthy fish recipes are most popular in South India.

Best healthy fish recipes are played very important role in food supplement in South India.Fish farming mostly is done in the South India only.
Fish food imported to other countries from South India.Almost everyone loves this South Indian fish recipe with South Indian masalas.
Most of the researchers said that fish food is used to stabilize your health high production of vitamins.
South Indian fish curry especially ralaseema style recipes are very tasty and curious to eat.


Nutrition  Supplements of Healthy Fish Recipes:

Total Calories…………340
Total fat……………….12g
Vitamin A……………..29.5%
Vitamin B12…………..37%
Vitamin B6…………….43.8%
Vitamin C………………25%
Vitamin D………………15%
         You just heal health benefits by eating healthy fish recipes that are recommended by researchers.
Anytime did you find any health benefits of fish? No, then read this fallowing benefits of fish and if you any doubts then comment below the post.

  1. Best fish recipes contain important nutrients that stabilize your health life easily.
  2. Healthy fish recipes may reduce the lower risk of heart attacks and related diseases.
  3. Best fish recipes are high in nutrients that are crucial in middle age life.
  4. Fish related dishes help to increase gray matter in the brain and improve your power of the brain.
  5. Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids can beneficial against depression, at the time it acts as anti-depression medicine.
  6. Healthy fish recipes are the rich source of vitamins.
  7. If you eat fish regularly, then it reduces the risk of type1 diabetes.
  8. Fish can reduce the asthma level in children and it is proven by medical researchers.
  9. Healthy fish recipes may protect your eye vision from related diseases.
  10. It can help to get quality sleep at night time.

South India Healthy Fish Recipes  Preparation:

Important Ingredients:

·         8 tablespoons of  oil
·         ¼ spoons mustard seeds
·         ¼ spoon cumin seeds
·         ¼  of fenugreek seeds
·         4 dried red chilies
·         6  curry leaves
·         8  garlic cloves
·         5 green chilies
·         3 Medium sized onions chopped
·         Required tamarind
·         5 tomatoes
·         1 teaspoon turmeric powder
·         2 tablespoons red chili powder
·         3  coriander powder
·         1.5 teaspoon salt
·         Fish pieces
For Spicy
·         ½ spoon fenugreek seeds
·         1  mustard seeds
·         2 teaspoon cumin seeds
·         1 tablespoon coriander seeds
·         1 black pepper


1. First heat 8 tablespoons of healthy oil in a pan.Remember just be careful with heated oil.
                     Add:::::Cummin Seeds,
                                      Mustard Seeds,
                                      Dried Chillies red,
                                      Curry Leaves.::: in the pan.
2. Fry it until curry leaves are became crispy.Then
Add:::::::: Garlic paste,
                Green Chillies Finely Chopped::::::::: in the pan.
healthy fish recipes
3. Fry them till they became light brown.Then a few minutes later the oil will bubble up, so it’s fine cooking.
4. Take required tamarind in 2 cups of water then soak it for 20  minutes.After soaking, squeezing the tamarind. Then filter the soaked tamarind from water and set aside.
5.Juice it the tomatoes and set aside.
Red tomato for quick fish dishes
6. Hey, you just again come to the pan and add tomato juice mixture in the pan.
7. Add the salt and 2 cups of water in the pan.
8. Then, boil the gravy for 30 minutes on a low flame, remember to check it every 5 minutes.
9. 30 minutes later the oil floating on top of the gravy this is the good sign that the gravy has been cooked.
10. Add fish pieces in the gravy let it cook for few minutes on low flame.Fresh water is well for fish cooking.
11. Heat it until fish piece well cooked.
12.Then remove the pan from flame and serve it to your loving people.

13.It can also store in refrigerators and taste become excellent next day.
14.I think this kind of quick healthy fish recipes are very tasty and spicy.
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