Best Weight Loss Diet. Why Fruits are include in Diet

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Best weight loss diet

  The Best Weight Loss Diet:    

              Hello, readers, today I want to tell you the importance of fresh fruits for best weight loss diet and how many fruits need you to maintain the healthy life.I suggest you these 10 fresh fruits, that are packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other supplements that can help you to get the healthy life.

Most of the medical scientists said about these 10 fresh fruits and find how much need daily need to your health monetization. Then hurry up, find these 10 fresh fruits to eat.This is the best weight loss diet for men and women.
How many fruits do you really eat daily?
Get attention
Find these fresh fruits, these are best weight loss diet to eat and get health naturally.

How We Follow this Best Weight Loss Diet daily:


       If you include this best weight loss diet into your regular diet then automatically your health can be stabilized naturally.
A number of fruits you need to eat depending on your age and sex.
And also based on their health condition.How many fresh fruits recommended daily are shown below, just read and noted it.This is the best way to lose weight for men.
Medical experts said that fruits good for health because these 10 fresh fruits provide a lot of health benefits and protection from worst diseases.
Children need to eat at least 1 cup of fresh fruits.
Girls need to eat at least 1 and 1/2 cup of fruits.
Boys need to eat at least 2 cups of fresh fruits.
Women need to eat at least 2  cups of fruits.
Men need to eat at least 2 cups of fresh fruits.

Note: These amounts are appropriate for people, who have less than 1 hour per day of physical activity.The physical activities are most important while eating 10  fruits.


What fruit cup contains? cup watermelon=46 calories cup sliced bananas=134 calories cup Apple=65 calories cup Tamatoes=32 calories cup Cucumber=8 calories cup Peaches=53 calories cup Starberries=48.6 calories cup Grapes=110 calories cup Sweet bell peppers=31 calories cup Celery=6 calories
            If you want the healthy life then stay connect with hidden healing powers of fruits.These 10 fresh fruits change your life towards healthy by eating.
Before making love with these 10 fresh fruits you must have patience and confidence.Do not eat the fruits, which are stored a long time.

            I think every person spend a lot of money on waste purpose.Here you will find why fresh fruit compulsory need for us to get healthy living.Remember fruits always good to eat.
Here I will give you information about fruits health benefits.Then hurry up and catch them with my guidance.These 10 healthy fruits worked as secret agents for protecting our health.
        Before going to fruits details you must remember this and think.Why ancient people living with excellent health condition without chemical medicines?

         Because they eat fresh fruits from trees at a time in every day.They prefer healthy fruits for the living.Then automatically they get health benefits from these fruits.These are the list of fruits that are protected from diseases.



watermelon sugar content and watermelon health benefits

       Watermelon first found in South Africa originally.It mostly contains 92 percent of water and nutrients.



Each bit watermelon juice has levels of vitamin A, B6, and C, the lot of antioxidants, amino acids and lycopene.This fruit mostly treated as summer snack and it is fat-free, very low in sodium.



This fruit only contains 46 percent calories in each cup.The scientists said that watermelon high levels for the human body to trigger healthy reactions.

Watermelon health benefits:



1] Watermelon’s lycopene is very effective for protecting cells from damage.
2] According to researchers said that watermelon excellent for your health of the heart.
3] Watermelon’s lycopene work as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.
4] Watermelon contains fiber, which is used for the health of digestive system.
5] It also high in vitamins, that leads to deliver health benefits of skin and hair.

2.Sliced Bananas:


sliced heathy bananas and bananas heath benefits

           The first banana is the wild banana, it found at least 7000 years ago.They were grown in southern Asia.The hybrid bananas are most delicious to eat them.



In India mostly used them as after meal snack for good stomach feel.The fresh bananas also used in recipes for serving with meals.The banana is an edible fresh fruit.



Fresh bananas serve a lot of health benefits to you.These are Americans favorite fruit.This fresh curve yellow colored fruits are very high in pectin and potassium.



If you eat them regularly then you get magnesium and vitamins C, B6.Bananas provide antioxidants, which can protect from free radicals.


This fruit also used in skin lotions.You know this is best weight loss diet in which time you eat them.


Bananas Health Benefits:


1) Fresh banana fruits are the rich source of potassium and magnesium, these two nutrients that are most important for heart health.
2) Fresh bananas can help in weight loss by in which time you are eating bananas.
3) A fresh banana contains about  3 grams of fibers to improve your digestive system by friendly gut bacteria,
4) Bananas contain nutrients that can help moderate blood sugar levels.
5) Eating regularly may reduce the risk of kidney diseases.

3) Apple:

            Scientists decide apple fruit is a rich source of antioxidants and it is better than other fruits.
The apple fruits are grown several years in Asia and Europe.Apple fruits are large and grown from seeds.Fresh apple fruits are most popular and delicious fruits on the planet.
A lot of health research centers recommend eating the lot of fruits that available in the market in the form of different flavors.Apple is a rich source of nutrients and most of the doctors said that if you eat apple fruits regularly then you catch health on your hands.
Scientists said that apples are best weight loss diet plan for losing heavyweight than you no need to go the hospital.

Apple Health Benefits:


1)  Antioxidants in fresh apple fruits may help in health.
2) Apples may help in weight loss in several ways due to their fiber content.
3)Apples can improve your heart health, which helps lower cholesterol.
4) Apple polyphenol antioxidant content, it linked to lower risk of type2 diabetes.

5) Apple’s good bacteria in fiber help in the digestive system.

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