Find Pesticide on Fruits and Vegetables.Why Strawberry is Top 1.

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pesticide Fruits and Vegetables:

        Hello, readers, I am sisya, today I want to learn the information about fruits and vegetables pesticide levels.Why strawberries are top 1 in high production of pesticides.Here we learn what is pesticides and which are high pesticide levels by best researcher guru.

Sisya: Hi guru tells me, what is pesticide?

Guru: Ha, sisya, it is a process of biological substance designed to kill the growth of plants & humans and that can damage the growth of trees, timber, shrubs, humans.Practically all the pesticides are poisons and produce long-term damage to the environment and also humans.Today almost all fruits and vegetables contain very dangerous pesticides.

Sisya: Ya that’s ok but why strawberries contain high-level pesticides and How can you say that?

Healthy starwberry and Pesticides levels


         Ya, Well you are asking the good question now, ok I will explain to you in a detailed many people worried about pesticide levels in healthy vegetables and fruits.Strawberry fruits contain high pesticide levels.A recent report from environmental work group(EWG) said that strawberry fruit contains highest pesticide levels than others.Scientists use different chemicals on strawberries for finding pesticide levels.In this test, they find 20 pesticides on that fruit after washing with water.Our eating food contained the highest levels of pesticides, it also referred to as the dirty dozen.Under dirty dozen, these come.

  1. ·         Strawberry.
  2. ·         Peaches.
  3. ·         Tomatoes.
  4. ·         Grapes.
  5. ·         Spinach.
  6. ·         Nectarines.
  7. ·         Celery.
  8. ·         Pears.
  9. ·         Cherries.
  10. ·         Apple.

             These are all fruits and good vegetables tested by different chemicals for finding the levels of pesticides.The above-mentioned fruits and vegetables contain high pesticides concentration than others.
            You know strawberry pesticide concentration is at least 20 after washing with pure water.A healthy life starts with consuming a lot of fruits and good veggies, but some of these contain the high level of pesticides that are more dangerous to your health.
         These are too harmful chemicals you don’t know.Today’s farmers spray chemical pesticides on crops to kill insects. The plants grow by these harmful pesticides absorbed and residues.That poisoned pesticides finally placed on fruits and vegetable skin.

Sisya: Ok tell me, what I remember before eating them?

Guru: Here, I will explain some smart choices and what you remember before eating them? Note this, all the fruits and vegetables are not bad to eat.

1.  Synthetic pesticides can damage your brain health and it is confirmed by medical scientists.
2.Eating food with harmful pesticides is bad for your health especially for your kids.
3. You must remember, before eating them you can remove the skin of your fruits or vegetables.
4.  Prepare the solution with 10% of vinegar in 90% of pure water then soak your fruits and good vegetables in them.Be careful while washing them, soak it slowly not hardly.
5.Use warm water for washing fruits and veggies.Put them in warm water in short time.This method can remove the pesticides totally from your fruits and veggies.

Sisya: Thank you, guru, and tell me how to avoid pesticides totally from fruits and veggies?

Guru: You know strawberry is top of the list in pesticide levels with at least 20 pesticides.Scientists said that the only one way is natural farming.
    In India, after getting the information about harmful pesticides, then they find one best way that is zero budget natural farming.After deep research on farming then they get awareness of natural farming techniques and their health benefits.
        Then they began zero budget natural farming with their fathers.In these years of farming, they learn a lot of techniques to do natural farming.

Zero Budget Natural Farming:

             It is a method of farming where crop growing and harvesting plants are zero cost.I mean the farmers no need to purchase pesticides and fertilizers in order to ensure the healthy growth of crops.

How to do It:

              It is true that plants only absorb 1.5% to 2% of their nutrient requirements from soil and the remaining is get from water and air.You know this 98% of nutrients does not come from soil, you must know that.
       Plants in the forest grow and produce healthy food without any chemical pesticides.The forest trees are the best proof that plants can grow healthy without pesticides and fertilizers.

               Use cow and bull dung in the place of pesticides and for harvesting plants.Store the dung few days then mixed this with soil.
        Hey, sisya start your farming with this method because in this method we no need to use pesticides for cropping.These fruits and vegetables are totally healthy to eat and produce heath benefits to you.
          This method is most popular in India and it is rapidly increasing by natural farmers.This is one of the award-winning methods under the natural farming category to avoid harmful pesticides.
            I am still research on this article and updated daily.Hey guys, if you want to stay with me then just subscribe and like me for follow my guidance.Common just hurry up fast.
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