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How to get natural hair:

Natural hair hm this sound good but I think nowadays this word put in imagination to everyone. Because a lot of people can’t maintain natural hair due to a lot of factors.
That factors effects to your hair growth even if you are using top rated hair products. 

              Did you know natural hair growth rate is half an inch per month?Here I refer best natural remedies to maintain hair healthy.
These remedies are most effective for reducing hair loss, dandruff and good color of your hair.
These are the following factors can cause to lose your hair rapidly.

1. Male pattern baldness, nowadays it is a most common cause of hair loss in men. We are also called as androgenetic alopecia.
2. Alopecia areata is a hair loss disease, in this cause hair fallout in round patches.
You must aware of this disease symptom, causes, and medical treatment.
3. Hypothyroidism can cause to lose your hair.
4. Use of chemical shampoo products.
5. Use of chemical oils when applying to your hair.
6.Stress can also lead to losing your hair.
7. Too much pollution in the environment.
8. Dandruff can cause to maintain unhealthy hair.
9.Unhealthy food diet.
10. Depending on lifestyle also.

             Genetic causes are not possible to cure but some other factors we protect them by these best natural home remedies for natural hair growth.
Follow this guidance at least 2 months you will get best results hair health. We know hair styles are played a major role in beautiful appearance.
These words bring great confidence to do anything in this word.

1. Hibiscus Rosa Leaves Paste:

natural hair care
             Hibiscus is a flowering plant that came from mallow family.It is also called as rose mallow and this is a small tree.
This name derived from greek. We are also used as tea ingredient and is served both hot and cold in many countries.
           The famous scientists find that hibiscus leaves contain a number of medical uses.
In my Indian village, most of the women use hibiscus leaves for reducing dandruff and natural hair care.
I saw this scene several times, but one day I ask remedy for hair loss then they suggest me this rose mallow’s leaves paste.

Then at that time, I don’t want to trust them because I assume this remedy is fake for hair loss.
While these thoughts running on my mind then I contact the nearest doctor, asking about this remedy. Then he shows me research article on hibiscus.
Finally, I get surprised and apply this paste on my hair twice a week.
After 2 weeks I got relief from hair loss and dandruff. Automatically my hair nature turns into silky.

How to Do:

1. First, you need to take a bunch of hibiscus leaves from the tree and clean them with fresh water.
2. Put these leaves in a mixer grinder and grind them with a small amount of water.
3. Grind it this until it gets smooth. Finally, remove that paste from the grinder.
4. Apply this on your head and massage your hair with this hibiscus paste.
5. Leave it about 20 minutes after that wash it with low warm water.

Why These Leaves for Natural Hair:

        Because hibiscus leaves contain following properties regarding medical uses.
a. Hibiscus leaves properties poses a lot of health benefits to you.
b. Scientifically it contains most useful vitamins, antioxidants properties to useful in medical uses.
c. Mainly this leaves play the major role in hair health.


        The scientists find that the effect of hibiscus leaves in the form of estrogen activity in rats and have not been observed in humans.
        Pregnant women should avoid this remedy because it leads to abortion.
And this remedy is not recommended to breastfeeding women.
So you must remember this before using this remedy.

2. Soap nuts Powder:

natural hair growth
          Did you hear this name in your life? Say yes or no. You don’t know soap nuts are used as a shampoo in ancient history for cleaning their hair.
That’s why their natural hair growth is fine. Because they find medical uses in soap nuts.
Did you know that how much important this remedy for our health?
This soap nuts property supports to your natural hair care.
         These soap nuts contain saponins which are a natural surfactant. I will tell you one real story.
In my teenage, my grandparents give me soap nut powder to hair bathing. At the time I don’t know about benefits of soap nut powder but a few days later my hair looks good and strong.
So, I achieved this remedy for cleaning my hair and improving my hair quality of health.


1. Soap nuts have natural conditioning properties that help in your skin health.
2. you know soap nuts works as an excellent cleanser.
3. And also reduce unwanted heat from your body.
4. Soap nuts are the totally natural remedy that can help you to reduce skin diseases.
5. These are most useful in natural hair growth. Hence they are used in many natural tonics and shampoos.
6. It is a good source of vitamins A, D, E and K, these improve your hair color and make it smooth.
7. Soapnut powder is known to fight different problems such as scalp and dandruff.
8. It easily detangles your hair so that can be easily styled to your natural hair.
9. It used for relief from hysteria and epilepsy, use soapnut powder with warm water.


a. While doing this hair bathing with soap nut powder at the time you must close your eyes.
b. It is not recommended for children because soapnut flow in their eyes then automatically eyes start the pain.

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