Is This a Cure for Baldness? New Discovery Could Solve Hair Loss

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A cure for baldness

A Cure for Baldness:

A cure for baldness could be on the limit after scientists have discovered new solutions to make hair grow.

Researchers have done some important tests on mouse about hair regrowth. This medical test shows good results on the growth of hair. It is a cure for baldness and solves their hair grow issues with drugs.

What do this drugs to cure for baldness?

The scientists believe the latest discovery may lead to help people who suffer from baldness in both men and women.

1. Newly discovered drugs increase production of lactate, which makes muscles burn.

2. It activates stem cells in dormant hair follicles.

3. Baldness is caused by aging, hormone imbalance, stress, and illness.

4. It is a new way to active hair regrowth..

5. On your head stem cells are alive until the start of a new hair cycle.

6. Drugs can improve the metabolism of hair follicle stem cells.

7. This way produce energy and improve their environment.

Scientific Cure for Baldness:

Your hair stem cells consume the nutrient glucose from the bloodstream. The nutrient glucose eventually produces a metabolite called pyruvate.

The stem cells send to their mitochondria that part of the cell creates energy. This process is called lactate.

Once we saw lactate production in the mouse to cure for baldness. This drug may help people who suffer baldness for hair regrowth.

Key Factors:

In the study, the scientists found that the metabolic process is different in stem cells, which takes place in other skin cells.

They found that these cells convert nutrient glucose into pyruvate can take one of two paths.

The new drug sent to the energy house and used as energy. It is called as lactate, which is the helpful cure for baldness.

This is good step forward in research of male hair regrowth. The new discovery results show the positive intention on male baldness.

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