10 Best Places to Watch Lunar Eclipse 2017 in Beautiful View

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 Lunar eclipse 2017

Lunar Eclipse 2017:

If you want to see lunar eclipse 2017, here we have 10 best places to watch safely. In august 21 lunar eclipse 2017 comes with beautiful view.

Directly looking at sun is a bad idea, when during eclipse.

Don’t get fooled into thinking it is safe, some of the sun covered by the moon at the time.

80 percent of the sun is not visible, only 20 percent of the sun is there in lunar eclipse 2017.

Human eye sight gets damaged with the only fraction of the percent of the sun.

This statement agreed by astronomer and chief of Canadian.

Lot of people think that i can’t see lunar eclipse 2017,

What do I do?
where can I see the lunar eclipse?

Don’t worry, here we provide eclipse times based on their local places.

10 best places to watch lunar eclipse 2017:

1. White horse- In this place, you can see the eclipse with half sun blocked by the moon. Here astronomers conduct an event for this purpose at the shipyard park.

2. Montreal- At the McGill university one solar telescope set up along with eclipse glasses for enjoying the lunar eclipse 2017. And also they arrange live streaming of total eclipse from 1 p.m to 4 p.m.

3. Sait John, N.B- The Saint John is a astronomers club and they providing two locations to view the lunar eclipse from 2.31p.m.

This event conducts at Irving nature park and the Rockwood park.

4. Toronto- In Toronto, 70 percent of the sun is blocked by the moon.

The Ontario science center has conducted program through out the day. Here eclipse begins at 1.10p.m.

York University arranges an event from 1 p.m to 4 p.m at lions stadium.

5. Ottawa- The Canadian aviation and space museum where astronomers have solar telescopes and sun glasses available.

6. Regina- in Regina eclipse starts at 10.30 a.m with 70 percent of the sun covered by the moon.

This can do at 11.46 a.m at the Saskatchewan science center. So you can enjoy this lunar eclipse 2017.

7. Saskatoon- In Saskatoon, the royal astronomical society of Canada will set up eclipse telescopes at London drugs and at Preston Avenue.

8. Victoria- The astronomical society of Canada, Victoria center will be arranged telescope on the mount from about 8.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m.

9. Edmonton- Enjoy this lunar eclipse 2017 at the royal astronomical society of Canada at TELUS world of science.

10. India- In India Chandra Grahan begins from mon 7 Aug 2017 9.20 p. m to the 8 Aug 2017, 2.20 p.m.Total duration of eclipse 5 hours, 1 minute.

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