Stop Binge Watching, It Leads to Sleeping Problems in Young People.

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Binge watching

If you are binge-watching in online, so you need to change that particular bad habit of yours.Online binge watching behavior gives more risks related to sleep disorders, fatigue, and increased insomnia.

A recent study conducted on Aug 15 and it published in the journal of clinical sleep medicine.

The study has suggested that you just need to control the binge watching in online.

I think a lot of people watch tv series very closely until the program completed. Which can finally affect their sleep quality and cause insomnia.

Health Risks of Binge Watching:


The study defines a lot of health risks through the binge watching in online.

a. Increased insomnia.

b. Lack of quality sleeping.

c. Await for TV shows for watching.

d. The feeling of fatigue.

e. The presence of sleep disorders.

f. Eye vision can be damaged.

g. Headache.

h. Hair loss issues.

i. Loss of appetite leads to weight loss.

Binge Watching Protection Tips:

1. You must need to change that bad habit of yours.

2. Before going to the sleep your body in the excited state does not allow the body to get sleep state.

3. Drink the fresh glass of warm milk before sleep.

4. Do some particular yoga poses and meditation for relaxation.

5. Set an episode limit each night before you begin binge watching.

6. Preselect the maximum viewing time when we like to watch streaming series like Netflix.

The American Acadamy of sleep medicine also release few key points on binge watching linked to insomnia.

Researchers said that relaxation techniques and mindfulness are most valuable for watching intervention. Most of the young people are addicted to watching Netflix series at night time.

Treatments are used to reduce the alertness after a binge session.Tv shows often have a complex narrative structure that makes viewer become involved into the story.


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