How to Follow Gluten Free Diet and Proven Recipes?

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gluten free diet

A gluten-free diet is a diet that strictly excludes gluten.

Gluten is a mixture of proteins that are available in wheat and related grains.

Gluten-free diet Highlights:

1. What is gluten means?

2. Few important recipes to make you healthy and gluten-free.

3. Gluten-free diet is an effective alternative treatment for diseases such as

& Gluten-related diseases.

& Celiac disease.

& Gluten ataxia.

& Wheat allergy.

The gluten-free diet may improve gastrointestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and HIV.

The gluten-free diet is the new word in the food world.

What is Gluten Free Diet?

When the wheat flour combined with water the unwind and link together to form a network which is called glute.

In some people, gluten triggers conditions such as allergy and celiac diseases.

Here we have few recipes that are considered as a gluten-free diet.

The recipes such as buckwheat sandwich with beetroot, ragi samosa with cucumber, peas and freshwater chestnut pannacotta with peanuts.

1. Ragi Samosa Loaded with Peas and Cashew nuts:

Samosa lovers very excited to eat this. The nutrition packed samosa is too good for who wants to maintain the gluten-free diet.

This recipe is very delicious to eat and help to treat diseases.

This ragi samosa is packed with peas and cashew nuts.

2. Buckwheat Sandwich with Beetroot and Cheese:

Buckwheat sandwich is filled with beetroot and feta cheese. This is very nutritional and healthy to eat.

It also looks good and tasty.Beetroot contains powerful antioxidants properties and fully loaded with nutrients.

3. Besan Indian Roti:

Gluten free diet recipe

Required Ingredients:

2 cups of chickpea flour.


Red chilly Powder.

Dry fenugreek leaves.

1 tbsp of oil.

1 tbsp yogurt.

How to Make:

First, we will make the dough with the help of warm water.

The dough became sticky and add some oil to it.

And also add some rice flour to it.

After became soft then roll it as flat as roti.

Take some dough and roll it with your hands first.

After, use the roll pin for rolling the dough in the medium. As shown in the below image.

It’s done the transfer it to the hot griddle.

Then cook it on both sides and transfer it to a grill.

After completion of cooking then your besan roti is ready to eat.

Finally, it is ready to serve with dry curry. So, it is the very nutritious Indian recipe and happy to eat.

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