Women Fashion

                  Hi friends today world changing rapidly and our culture will change automatically.But in few years ago our past people in the world maintain the fashion slighty.But todays world demands fashioned culture .Every man have maintain some fashion to attractive womens and any other purposes.Thats why i provide some guide to maintain

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Healthy Sleep

A] How to go to sleep fast:  1) Your  bed is for sleep  not for for entertainment:                     Television,Laptop and other gadgets can interfere with your fast sleep.It is not better to sleep with your laptop and any other.Your mind needs to the habit of knowing you are in bed to

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Health Tips

Hi Lets see the  lot of useful health tips write down           1.Carrot is used improve the memorization .And daily at least  one carrot eat in your daily deit. 2.take neam leaves and powder it after mixed with curd then make it as paste .Then apply it your hair 5 min and dry it.It helps to avoid

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